REIKI II – $205

In this class you will receive attunements to the three symbols received by Master Usui on Mt Kurama in his visionary experience which succeeded in bringing Reiki to the Western World. These attunements will empower you to add more power to any healing situation with the Power Symbol; transcend time and space with the Distant Healing Symbol and specifically address mental and emotional healing with the Mental/Emotional Symbol.

Once again, the bulk of our time in class will be utilized in hands on exercises designed to illustrate the effectiveness of these symbols. You will work on healing others at a distance in several ways – both individually and in groups. You will work with the Cycle of Energy Flow and be given instruction and  meditative, practical experience in sending healing to your entire prayer circle in one 20 minute session. We will also work with space clearing with Reiki and the practice of Continuous Reiki.

Reiki I is a prerequisite for this class whether by me or by another Teacher.  If you’d like to schedule a Reiki I class, let me know!  You can choose your date.  If you’ve already taken Reiki II from me & would like to repeat the class, you may do so at 1/2 the regular rate.

Please Text Me or call with your questions.  Regularly scheduled classes can be found on Meetup Orlando, Vibrations   If you would like to schedule an individual class, I will be happy to accommodate at the same investment as group classes.    Louise 407-461-8917