Meditation Classes

I have been practicing Sum Faht Meditation for the past 26 years and  love to share this process with others.

We have access to an inexhaustible resource that allows us to live with a sense of peace, fortitude, and love, no matter what complexities of life we encounter. This resource is awakened through Sum Faht Meditation, a heart-centered practice that allows us to clear away information overload, ease physical and emotional stress, and restore us to calm and balance.

Sum Faht Meditation is also a method to tap into the energetic forces of life, awakening the divine within and opening the spiritual heart. It helps us to unlock the flow of vital energy, or chi, which supports all beings. From here we grow more intuitive, find harmony with the challenges of life, and bring the healing of compassion and understanding to ourselves and others.

Sum Faht Meditation has its roots in Buddhism and ancient Taoist longevity teachings, and engages the vital life force energies found in nature. This meditation style encourages us to practice “being” rather than “thinking or doing”. One way to help ourselves “be” is through the integration of movement into our meditation practice. When we are connected with breath, and aware of our bodies, it is difficult for our brains to think of anything else.

Through a combination of stillness and movement we integrate mind, body and spirit. Sum Faht cultivation allows us to awaken and connect with our inner wisdom, our higher self. This path encourages us to be deeply aware of the sensations in our bodies, remain connected to our breath, and allows our internal energies to arise and flow. This opens us to authentic movement (or stillness) which is driven by our own innate knowledge of what our bodies, spirits, and minds need in the moment.

As we allow the mind to relax we begin to hear the wisdom expressed by our internal energy. We are able to cultivate a deeper sense of peace. We begin to see more clearly areas where we have been stuck and begin to move through them, using our inner wisdom as a guide rather than our intellect.

And, we begin to understand that what we perceive with our eyes and minds can be very superficial, but what we see from our hearts is real. The practices and exercises in Sum Faht classes are designed to facilitate deeper connection with our higher self.

Sum Faht focuses on the growth of each INDIVIDUAL. The goal is for each person to learn to trust that they have their own answers and can find their way in life from a knowing within themselves.

Generally offered in a series of 5 classes in either morning or evening sessions.   (REGISTRATION REQUIREDplease go to Meetup Orlando – Vibrations for class schedules and to sign up)   In these classes we’ll explore:

+ Basics of Meditation – breathing, posture, focus
+ Mudra Meditation – a seated meditation that moves through 14 mudras (hand postures)
+ Introduction to Energy/Qi – you are guided in experiential exercises, which will produce a realization of energy/qi as tangible.
+ 12 Brocades Qi Gong – a formal qi gong series to help you deepen your awareness of your internal energy
+ Guided movements – moving meditations, which allow for the nature of energy within us to express itself through movement
+ Partner exercises – ways of practicing with the tools and techniques we have learned in class with each other

This form of meditation is not new but thousands of years old, originating from the Chinese community in Malaysia. As is the Asian custom, it has been transmitted directly from teacher to student, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Sum Faht® Meditation.* When we meditate we are seeking purification through the blending of our personal energy with the energy of the Universe and through the circulation of spiritual energy through our physical bodies. The spiritual energy cannot communicate directly with our physical bodies, nor can it communicate with our egos, our intellects or our rational minds. It must communicate with our Inner Selves — our own spiritual aspects — our hearts.

Sum Faht® is a form of meditation through which we activate the divine energies of the heart. The name comes from the Cantonese phrase “soi sum peen fah faht,” which loosely translated means whatever the heart desires will manifest. It combines traditional seated meditation in stillness with standing, walking and guided movements through which we integrate mind, body and spirit. Our Sum Faht® cultivation allows us to awaken and connect with our Higher Self while refining our lower nature.