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The original massage. Full body massage for relaxation and stress relief.  This is the type of massage that most people think of when they think of having a massage.

Long relaxing strokes are used to direct the flow of blood and fluids to the heart to decrease toxins in the muscles, facilitate relaxation, increase range of motion and decrease the effects of stress on the body.  Deeper pressure can be requested to relieve “knots” or overall according to your preference.  Proper draping techniques are used in all massage selections.

Duration In Office Add a Sugar Foot Scrub
60 Minutes $70 $10
90 Minutes $90 $10


Hands on Energy Healing Modality which produces deep relaxation and a sense of well being.  This modality utilizes Universal Life Force Energy (also known as Chi, Qi, Prana, Grace) which is channeled by the practitioner to enhance your health, boost immune system, reduce stress and release endorphins that enhance your sense of well being.

To learn to practice this life enhancing modality on yourself and your loved ones, please see the “Reiki” tab for information on classes.  You can add gemstones that will amplify the energy and keep the set of 7 charged chakra stones to use at home!

Duration In Office With Chakra Stones
60 Minutes $70 $85
90 Minutes $90 $105

 50/50 (or Reikisage)

The best of both worlds!  We use massage on your back, neck, legs and Reiki down the chakras (energy centers) on the front of your body.  90 minute session suggested for best results.  You can add gemstones that will amplify the energy and keep the set of 7 charged chakra stones to use at home!

Duration In Office With Chakra Stones
60 Minutes $70 $85
90 Minutes $90 $105

 Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a specialized practice that is used to assist the body to release cellular debris and swelling that remain after surgery.  It is also useful in patients undergoing chemotherapy and may be needed if surgical removal of the lymph nodes is performed.

Some also feel this technique is indicated for body sculpting/temporary weight loss as it removes excess fluids from the tissues in the body.  In this modality, very light pressure is used in a pumping action which produces deep relaxation and the flow of fluids toward the lymph nodes for processing.

We can also provide lymphatic drainage using silicone cups (massage cupping) which is optimal for facial massage and a quicker full body lymphatic drainage session when there is no post surgical swelling.

Duration In Office
60 Minutes $70
90 Minutes $90

CranioSacral Therapy

CST is a gentle hands on method of enhancing the flow of Cerebro Spinal Fluid, blood and lymph throughout the body to release tensions and traumas that occur over time, limiting movement and causing pain.

With a very light touch (about the weight of a nickel), the therapist detects and releases these restrictions, thus eliminating pain and stress and enhancing health and well being.  CST is known to be effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain, dysfunction and imbalance. 90 minute session suggested for best results. For more information, ask for a brochure or visit

Duration In Office
60 Minutes $70
90 Minutes $90


See the Distant Healing section under the Reiki tab to find about receiving daily energy healing while you sleep.

See the Astrology tab for my individually created Natal Charts or 3 Month Predictive Astrology Reports

I also offer Angel Card Readings to assist you in getting answers to questions or to find out what the Universe wants you to know at this time in your life – 30 minute reading/$30.

I also offer my services for corporate chair massage, client or employee appreciation parties, bridal showers, etc.  I offer group or private classes for Reiki and Karuna Ki as well as Meditation classes.  Ask me about custom blended Flower Essence Remedies for emotional healing.