Reiki is a Japanese Technique for Achieving Total Relaxation, Stress Relief and Rejuvenation of the Body, Mind and Spirit. Many experience profound healing as a result of this modality. It is passed from the Reiki Master to the Student in a series of attunements or initiations which are traditionally divided into levels or classes as shown below.

REIKI I – $153

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, also known by the names of Prana, Chi, Ki, or Grace, and is a component of every living thing. In this class, you will receive a series of four attunements which will empower you to give yourself and others healing energy sessions which can facilitate mental, spiritual and emotional healing. You will also receive instruction and perform a self healing session as well as give and receive a full healing session to/from another.

Taking this class will assist in opening you up to your spiritual gifts, enhance your spiritual development and help you to feel your connection with All That Is. As most can see, our world is teetering in the balance between light & dark. Reiki is light work and by taking this class and using your Reiki, you will be adding to the light of the world and helping to tip the scales onto the side of light!

Reiki is known to enhance any other healing modality the client is currently engaged with, as well as relieve pain, speed the mending of bones, stop bleeding, balance the chakra system, bring about a state of profound relaxation which allows healing to occur, release energy blocks, facilitate manifestation and accelerate spiritual development. The attunements enable the recipient to be instantly tuned into the limitless Source of Universal Life Force Energy – which is then channeled through them into whoever or whatever they put their hands on.

At this event, you will receive a manual that includes all the information given at class including: What is Reiki?, Hand positions to give a session to yourself or another, What are Chakras?, how Reiki balances your chakras & strengthens your energy field, how to check the chakras using a pendulum, giving Reiki to your pets and the Reiki history as given by Mrs. Takata, who first brought Reiki to the west.

At about the mid point of the class, we will take a short break where tea and healthy snacks will be provided

I am a Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher in the direct lineage of Mrs. Takata as follows: Dr. Mikao Usui – Dr. Chujiro Hayashi – Mrs. Takata – John Harvey Grey – Chris Rosenthal – Me! I have been a practicing and teaching Reiki Master since 2003.

Feel free to call/text with any questions you may have. Once you’ve decided to take this life enhancing class, please text me your name as you wish it to appear on your certificate. If you’ve taken this class from me in the past and wish to repeat, you can do so at 1/2 the regular class fee. If you wish to take this class but cannot attend on a regularly scheduled date, please let me know & I’ll happily arrange for a private class at the same rate.

Please Text Me or call with your questions or to register for your Reiki I class.  Class Schedules can be found on my Meetup Group, Vibrations,  Louise 407-461-8917