If you’ve been to see me for massage or energy work and we have any conversation at all while you are on my table, you’ve probably heard me attributing any number of emotional states or life events to astrological phenomenon.  I just love this stuff and I’ve been loving and studying it for over 50 years!  Astrology is really the only of the predictive arts that can give you accurate timing for events in the future

Now, I’ve finally found a program that interprets the ever-changing planetary lineup in a way that syncs with my view of things and includes a spiritual outlook on planetary happenings.  This makes it possible for me to offer 2 of the most sought after astrology reports for you.  Birth or Natal charts look at the planetary configurations at the time of your birth and show what areas of your life you planned to run harmoniously and where you set struggles to help you learn important life lessons.  Many people are surprised to find answers to questions they’ve had about themselves for a very long time.  By that I mean things like where your good fortune lies, what aspects of relationships come up time and again for healing, what people see when they look at/interact with you and how that differs from who you are at heart and many more interesting aspects of your personality/life path.

With the 3 Month Predictive Transit Chart, you will see how the planets’ positions at a given moment in time interact with the planets positions at the time of your birth.  Transiting planets light up different aspects of our lives for varying lengths of time and assist us in healing different issues that may have stymied progress for you in that area.  Knowledge of which aspects are in the forefront now is very helpful in navigating our lives, especially in these challenging times.

To order either of these reports, please send $22 for each report ordered to or 407-461-8917 via  Venmo, CashApp, Zelle and include your name, date, time & place of birth and indicate which report you are ordering.  If you do no know your time of birth, you will receive a “sunrise chart” that uses the time of the sun’s rising to set the chart.  Note this may result in an incorrect rising sign and house placement.  THESE REPORTS ARE ARTFULLY PRESENTED AND MAKE GREAT GIFTS AS WELL.  For a sample report, email your request to