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One of the things I love most about this profession is that there is always something new to learn. After completing 750 hrs. of massage training at Winter Park Tech and passing the State Exam (2nd in my class!), the first continuing education class I took was a 32 hr. workshop in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. This is incredibly helpful for people who have had surgery (needed or elective) and Liposuction treatments where swelling and inflammation can be issues that need resolution.

Next, I discovered CranioSacral Therapy and couldn’t wait to begin my studies at Upledger Institute, where I’ve taken CranioSacral I and II as well as SomatoEmotional Release I and II. It always amazes me that the Universe always matches my clients with the knowledge I’ve acquired. As soon as I completed each class, clients began showing up that needed the benefits that CranioSacral brings, like migraines and TMJ, recent dental work that left behind trauma in the gums or head injuries where the trauma lodged in the upper palate.

Somato Emotional Release assists our bodies in releasing the emotions that can remain lodged in the tissue and organs as a result of physical or emotional trauma. Again, I’m fascinated that even as I read the textbook in preparation for this class, clients are showing up that need emotional release and are shedding a few tears or remembering past events that they’ve suppressed for many years that correlate with current physical pain. Even if you don’t think you do, I can promise that there are issues that you’ve “stored” in your tissues that you’ve forgotten about.

To be continued……..

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